The Secret Sales Director is your one-stop guide to being a successful Sales Professional

It’s designed to help you, the modern Sales Professional, really get on your game. It’s also designed to take
a humourous swipe at some of the “plastic people” in our profession.

No matter what you are selling, whether you are brand new to Sales, or you’re a cynical dried up husk with 20 years’ service under your belt, The Secret Sales Director is for you.

The business world, and the language it uses, may be ever changing (who really needs to be “leveraging synergies”, “reaching out” or “jumping into bed” with things?)

But the foundations on which you base yourself and your Sales career should remain constant.  Let others flip-flop around you if they must: The Secret Sales Director will help you be the rock who always knows that consistency, trust and credibility win the race – not flash suits and fancy cars.

Obviously The Secret Sales Director is … well, a secret ..! And all names have been changed to protect the innocent (as well as the sometimes not-so-innocent). That’s because some of what I talk about links back to the company I currently work in, and to my own experiences over the last 20+ years.  If you want to find out more about my experience, read Why This Place Exists – An Introduction to The Secret Sales Director

We are not here to trash any individuals or entities – so please remember that when you Comment.  What we are here to do, is sometimes poke a little fun at stereotypes in the business world, and share some best practice ideas about this marvellous profession we call Sales.