“The age of management is dead.  It is all about leadership.” – Keith Rosen, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions” In actuality it is about Followership.  People who work with their team and don’t bark orders out of an office door, which is closed the rest of the time.  These people create followers and not drones who just do as they are told.  People with brains who are independent thinkers.  People who will make mistakes, but learn and grow.  People who may take your strategy ideas and meld them into something bigger and better.  Making the whole massively better than the sum of the parts.

Welcome to anyone and everyone because this effects you, now!  Project Managers, Business Improvement, IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing and of course Senior Directors MD’s and CEO’s.  So many acronyms and titles for people who in effect are team leaders and mentors.  Gardeners would be a better way of putting it.  Perfecting the art of growing teams no matter what the environment throws at them.  Watering them, ensuring they get the correct amount of sunshine and stretching them into the best they can possibly be.  More on that environment and how it is constantly changing within these pages also.

This blog/site sets out to discuss and promote the art of Followership.  What it means for leaders and what it means for followers.  How it should be an intrinsic part of everything you do as a leader.

Read on, and please make sure you add your own opinions and comments.  Feel free to link my pages but please ensure you credit me if you are going to use me.

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