Work Life Balance

Many of us in Sales love what we do.

It isn’t about the money, and it isn’t about the kudos.

For me at least, it has always been about that long game satisfaction: you start with an account who spends nothing, and you build it into a successful account that is everything you knew it could be.

But if we are not careful, that comes at a price.  And that price is often our home and family.

I’ve selected a couple of articles below which will hopefully help you restore some balance to your life.  I am no expert on this, but I am looking to publish a series of articles that remind us all that home and family comes first.  Work, as joyful as it can be, is a far second place.

We should never forget that fulfillment should come from our home life first and foremost.  I have forgotten this too often, and am mindful of what a mistake that is.

This article by Richard Branson is focused on Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, but I think it applies to us all.

Improving your work life balance

Here’s another piece written by James Caan.

Benefits of a work/life balance in work performance

If some of the most successful people in the world are telling us to slow down and look within ourselves for change, then surely – wherever we are in our careers – we all ought to sit up and listen.


Published Nov 2017 by  All rights reserved.


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